Optimize Your Connectivity and Team Safety with the Collaboration of Doomap and Stella Doradus

Dispositif PTI avec répéteur Stella Doradus

When it comes to ensuring the connectivity and safety of isolated workers, the partnership between Doomap and Stella Doradus provides robust solutions to address these essential needs.

Stella Doradus offers GSM repeaters that amplify mobile signals from all operators, including 5G, 4G, and 3G, of European quality, while Doomap specializes in creating PTI-DATI devices to ensure worker safety.

Together, they form a unique alliance that enhances connectivity while ensuring worker protection.

Advanced Solutions by Stella Doradus

Stella Doradus stands out for its design and manufacture of high-performance GSM repeaters.

Their products have already proven themselves by improving connectivity, data and voice quality, thus meeting the needs of a wide range of applications. GSM repeaters are the ideal solution in:

  • Underground parking
  • Modern multi-story office buildings like hospitals, hotels, manufacturing plants, shopping centers, etc.
  • Areas where network coverage is weak (a signal must be available for the repeaters to amplify the mobile signal)

How does a GSM repeater work?

Their repeaters capture the mobile signal outside the building and evenly redistribute it inside, ensuring quality connectivity regardless of your operator. Additionally, these repeaters are compatible with all operators in the EMEA region, and their intelligent technology does not disrupt operator networks. »

Note that Stella Doradus is the first and only authorized designer and manufacturer in EUROPE of wideband repeaters. The products comply with ANFR (Agence Nationale des Fréquences) specifications and the European R.E.D directive1 and successfully pass all ESTI tests.

<h2>Innovative Solutions by Doomap for Worker Safety

Doomap excels in ensuring the safety of isolated workers through its advanced PTI-DATI devices.

Their turnkey solutions include:

  • Hardware
  • Services
  • Connection to the telecare center
  • SIM card and maintenance

Doomap thus simplifies the commissioning process for their clients. Focused on innovation and customer satisfaction, Doomap offers devices connected to a 24/7 operational multilingual telecare center, ensuring secure connection across France and Europe. Their flexible subscriptions allow clients to manage their PTI-DATI device fleets according to their needs, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Complementarity between Doomap and Stella Doradus

The synergy between Doomap and Stella Doradus emerges when clients face challenges such as oversized infrastructures, areas without network coverage (white zones), or buildings isolated or less permeable to waves but needing to equip their employees with PTI-DATI devices for safety. In such situations, Doomap leverages Stella Doradus’ expertise to solve these complex issues.

The collaboration between the two companies offers effective solutions to ensure robust connectivity and optimal safety, even in the most demanding environments.

Alliance for Secure Connectivity

The collaboration between Doomap and Stella Doradus paves the way for a significant improvement in connectivity and security. Stella Doradus’ European-quality products and Doomap’s PTI-DATI solutions form a powerful alliance for clients concerned about their connectivity and safety in any circumstance.

We encourage you to contact a Doomap expert to learn more about the safety of your teams, wherever you are in Europe and beyond. Network connectivity is essential, and the collaboration between these two experts in their respective fields is the key to meeting your security and connectivity needs.

Regardless of the size or scope of your project, take advantage of these combined solutions to solve any connectivity issues and ensure the peace.

1 The RED directive (European Directive 2014/53/EU) pertains to placing radio equipment on the market. Equipment falling within the scope of this directive and available on the European market must mandatorily comply with its regulations.